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1KW DC switching power supply constant current regulator

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Product Details:

Main Specifications

● Input voltage (demand customized)

  Single-phase AC220V \ AC110V ± 15%; 50Hz \ 60Hz for example: single-phase 220V input

  Three-phase AC380V \ AC220V ± 15%; 50Hz \ 60Hz

● The output voltage is adjustable range: (0 ~ 2000V) output voltage range of customized on-demand. For example: 100V

● output current is adjustable range: (0 ~ 1000A) range of on-demand customized output current. For example: 10A

● source voltage regulation: Regulators ≤0.5%; Load Regulation: Regulators ≤1%; constant ≤2%.

● ripple voltage: The total ripple voltage Vpp≤2%; overall efficiency: ≥86%.

● Digital display: Output voltage: Display Accuracy ± 1.2%; Output Current: Display Accuracy ± 1.5%.

● Power output voltage overshoot: ≤2% maximum output.

● Insulation Resistance: Input - Output: ≥20MΩ; input - cabinet: ≥20MΩ; output - housing: ≥20MΩ.

● Dielectric Strength: Input - Output: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 min;

● Input - cabinet: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 min;

● Output - chassis: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 min.

● machine overheat protection temperature threshold: (75 ~ 85) ℃.

● MTBF: ≥50000h.

The company's adjustable switching power supply has the following characteristics:

①: small size, light weight, high efficiency (85%), fully isolated, wide input range (up to 20%).

②: an input surge protection against power transient current overshoot.

③: Full range adjustable output voltage and current, user-friendly and flexible to use, truly a machine.

④: output voltage and current with high brightness LED display, clean and intuitive.

⑤: overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, overtemperature protection, comprehensive protection circuitry, improve the overall reliability.

⑥: automatic current technology, multi-parallel expansion flow, can effectively achieve higher power output.


   The products are widely used in industrial automation and control, military equipment, scientific equipment, LED lighting, aging equipment, industrial equipment, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heat, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, LCD monitor, audio-visual products, sewage treatment, security and other occasions, the DC power supply required.